Monday, March 7, 2011

grab bags!!!

i am going to start calling numbers!!! im doing them in order plug in 1st 6 bars,6 tins and last the buddy--good luck to all!!!!!! be back with the numbers!!!! does all the picking!!!

first plug in!!! #4 Michelle Yost!!!!
6 extra bar i each goes to #7-Krissie,#17,Lesley,#20 Ashley,#30 Melissa W,#39 Frances Garcia,# 18 Sue P.
6 extra tins 1 each goes to-#3 Beverly, #9 Lesley,#24 Krissie,#26 Ashley,#27 Tammy W,#35 Melissa W.
Next is the buddy!!!!! good luck!!!!
#11 for the buddy!!!!! congrats Tammy W!!!!

7 bags left!!!!!! lets get these sold!!!!! Almost there!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

grab bags! ending if all isnt sold within 3 days!

I am sorry but if these dont get sold within the next 3 days  I am going to shut down the grab bags :(...i will reimburse anyone who has already paid me...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

grab bags!

pick a number and send payment to

NEW Specials!!!

NEW SPECIALS!! Buy $20 worth get a circle, Buy $50 worth get a free bar/mini spatula !!! Buy $75 get a free bar,circle and mini spatula!!! Buy $100 get two free bars/ mini spatula!!! Please go to older posts and check out my grab bags!!! lets get these sold so I can do the raffle on the extra prizes!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grab bags! date march 1,2011

Every grab bag will include your choice of a bar or a tin! So everyone gets a prize!!! $5.50 a bag--this helps with the shipping..

Your grab bag will include a bar or tin of choice and if your lucky it will also include:
1  plug ins
1 of 6 extra bars
1 of 6 extra tins
1 buddy

1.Beverly Miller Deardoff pd.
2.Nicole Rhoades
3.Beverly Miller Deardoff  pd.
4.Michelle Amond Yost pd.
5.Troandrens mama  pd.
6.Ashley Cagle
7.Krissie Wiggins Haney
8.Ashley Cagle
9.troandrensmama pd.
10.Sunset Lake Ranch pd.
11Tammyy Mannoly Wilkinson. pd.
12.Ashley Cagle pd.
13.Melissa Warner pd
14.Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson pd.

15.Missy Creacy
16.Nicole Rhoades
17.Lesley Smith pd.
18.Suzanne Pembleton pd
19.Crystal Allen pd.
20.Ashley Cagle pd.
21.Sunset Lake Ranch pd.
22.Stephanie Godkin  od.
23.Melissa Warner pd
24.Krissie Wiggins Haney
25.Frances Garcia pd.
26.Ashley Cagle pd.
27.Tammy Mannoly Wilkinson pd
28.Suzanne Pembleton pd.
29.Michelle Yost pd.
30.Melissa Warner pd
31.jjen tito
32.Melissa Warner pd.
33.Arline Fisher pd.
34.Ashley cagle
35.Melissa Warner pd.
36.Nicole Rhoades
37.Ashley Cagle
38.Jen tito
39.Frances Garcia pd.
40.Suzanne Pembleton pd